Wednesday, September 1, 2021

MEET THE AUTHORS 2021 — A special showcase featuring five authors of kids’ fiction recently published by Penguin Random House SEA

INTRODUCTION — Earlier this year, my science fiction gamebook Night of the Six-Headed Robogator was published by Penguin Random House. This is the second book in my Last Kid Running gamebook trilogy. We couldn’t organise any in-person book launch events, because of the pandemic. And so I decided to put together this virtual meet-and-greet on my blog, together with four fellow authors who’ve also had kids’ fiction recently published by Penguin Random House: Tunku Halim, Daryl Kho, David Seow and Josephine Chia. Click on the links below to find out about their books, their creative process, their advice for new authors, how their books will entertain kids, and more. After that, go get a copy of their books and enjoy a good read. Hope to see you again soon!

— D

It's time to meet the authors:

Meet DON BOSCO (yes, me), author of Night of the Six-Headed Robogator
“These past few years I've mainly been working on science fiction gamebooks, which are interactive stories where you choose what happens along the way and try to complete a mission or solve a mystery. It's a lot of fun!”


Meet TUNKU HALIM, author of The Midnight Children series    
“It began because my publisher told me that her daughter wished I wrote spooky tales for kids. So I thought, why not give it a go?” 


Meet Daryl Kho, author of Mistbound: How to Glue Back Your Grandpa
“My book is a fairytale for families, based on a true story about a family: mine. It was inspired by our experience with dementia, which my father suffered and eventually passed away from.” 


Meet DAVID SEOW, co-author of Raffles Readers     
“I first conceived the idea for Raffles Readers over a decade ago. I thought it would be fun to collaborate with some authors on a series of stories set at the hotel over the course of a century. Readers will find themselves thrown into a world filled with monsters, missing silver, spies, ghost brides and zombies!”


"In my years of growing up, little girls, especially those from poor villages could not fulfill their ambition due to lack of funds and schooling opportunities. I wanted to write a book about a modern girl who can fulfill hers."

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