Saturday, April 30, 2022

CASTLEHOUSE _____ Here's a simple and fun journaling role-playing game for the home + classroom

I created this very simple RPG, been having fun playing it with my family, and thought some of you might like to try it too. You can save the image above and carry it around on your phone/laptop, or print it out to display on a board.

Note — 1d6 means "one six-sided die". If you don't have one, you can just type "roll 1d6" in Google and it will give you a virtual die to play with. Hope you have fun!

— D


by Don Bosco

Solo or up to 3 players . Notebook + pen + 1d6

- - -

You are a most unusual child living in the mysterious Castlehouse
Mansion. Write down your name and a short description.

Roll 1d6 and write something about:

1. What you like to do in Castlehouse.
2. Something interesting in the forest behind.
3. A fascinating rumor about Castlehouse’s history.
4. One of the rooms and its secrets.
5. An eccentric person in the nearby village.
6. Someone else now or formerly living in Castlehouse.

When you are done, roll again and repeat. For short session, roll 5x.
Long session, roll 10x. Epic session, 20x.

To grow your Castlehouse world, keep adding more sessions to your journal.

- - -

Share your journal online: #CastlehouseRPG