Sunday, May 1, 2022

GAMEBOOK ACADEMY _____ Make a thrilling gamebook-on-a-poster and impress your family and friends

NOTE: This is part of a series that explains how to create your own simple gamebooks. More articles here

Welcome back to the Gamebook Academy! This is Lesson 6. (You can find all our earlier lessons here, if you're just joining us.)
Now that you've learnt how a gamebook is put together, you can start turning your own ideas into fun adventure games, and share these with your family and friends.

Your first project could be something similar to this ROBIN HOOD: OUTLAW AND INVENTOR mini-gamebook that I created recently. I was able to design this as a poster, to be printed out and displayed on my studio wall, so that visitors can be entertained and amused.

If your mini-gamebook has even fewer words, you could print it on an A4 sheet and distribute this as a really cool gamebook-flyer.

Feel free to download the image below, and print this out, or just use this as a reference when putting together your own gamebook. Try playing it a few times over and see if you can figure out the steps I took when I created this.

Have lots of fun! Make plenty of gamebooks and share these with everyone! Teach your friends how to make gamebooks, and start your own gamebook circle! The possibilities are endless, because what you can imagine, you can create. So start imagining today.

I wish you a happy life.

— D   


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