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SUPERKICKS _____ And now, the truth about the man behind the Superkicks schools programme

NOTE: Hi! I recently posted an update clarifying Benedict Boo's role in this series, you can read it here. You can also read other posts in the Superkicks: The Secret Journals series here.

When I was writing my Superkicks football fiction series, I made a lot of notes in my journals. Notes about all the characters, the different locations in the storyworld, the kind of interesting situations the young players would get into, and also my future plans for this series.

It's been a very rewarding experience going through all these notes again.

Right from the start, I was very intrigued by one particular character, who doesn't actually get much of a spotlight in the stories. This was Dr JJ Khan, the man who created the Superkicks schools programme.

He's a successful entrepreneur who commits his own investment and reputation to give young players a chance to pursue their passion and experience something greater.

The main characters in this series are a bunch of young and enthusiastic players who have their own expectations of the Superkicks programme.

They mostly want to have fun and enjoy an adventure. They just want to play and enjoy the game.

Because, naturally, kids will always be kids! This is how they learn and grow.
Thank goodness for a generous person like Dr Khan, who is willing to step up and be the gamemaster behind it all, the thoughtful person who makes it possible for all the young players to shine.
But what motivates a person like Dr Khan? What is the truth that inspires him?

Many years ago, when I was a young magazine editor, I interviewed a number of entrepreneurs and sports leaders.

I learnt that their days were often filled with tough work, tough decisions and big responsibilities. There would always be factors beyond their control.

And sometimes additional challenges may come from within the team, as teammates might get distracted and carried away with their own circumstances, feelings or self interests.

What often helped these leaders pull through was focusing on the vision, and patiently removing the obstacles that hold the team back.

This is a helpful lesson that I've also enjoyed exploring in my Superkicks stories, as I developed Dr Khan's background.
To the public, he is a mysterious man who somehow gets great things done. But in his heart, he simply has an incredible focus on his vision. And this is what makes him a legendary gamemaster. I won't share any spoilers here, you can read the three books in my Superkicks series to find out more.

Our Super Cool Books logo on
the back cover of the three Superkicks books
I actually started Super Cool Books just to show my two sons how to write stories and publish books. But things kept growing, and over the years we've produced a whole catalogue of books with various publishing partners. This was only possible through the kind support from all kinds of people in the community, both players and gamemasters.

At this point in my life, I've grown all the more aware that no person can succeed in life alone, we always need the right relationships that can nurture positive results.

And I see that this is really what my Superkicks stories are about, basically using the game of football to shine a light on the game of life. 
Fun fact: there are also intriguing gamemaster-type characters in my other Super Cool Books titles, including the My Blade Quest, Lion City Adventures and Last Kid Running series. You can click on the respective sections in the sidebar on the right to find out more.

It's a joy to share these thoughts about the Superkicks writing process. Do come back and read more future musings inspired by my Superkicks journals, okay? The secrets will be shared.

: )

I wish you all happy playing. May you get to build your own team one day. And when you become your own gamemaster, may you be blessed with finding good players that can contribute positively to the vision.

— Don
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