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SUPERKICKS — A short clarification regarding our Superkicks book series and arrangement with Benedict Boo

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As some of you may know, our Superkicks series was launched in 2016, and we have published three books so far: Time to Play, Best Shot, and Dare to Dream. These stories follow the adventures of a group of friends who are passionate about playing the game.

The series was inspired by a collection of dusty British football comics that I inherited from my older cousins when I was in primary school. One comic was Roy of the Rovers, and the other was called Tiger.

Each issue featured a bunch of different football-related stories that would continue every week. They were extremely gripping, and I found myself caring about what happened to the characters. This was really how I got interested in learning to write captivating stories that could somehow keep you reading on and on. I still remember thinking that one day I would like to try creating a football series myself.  

Our Super Cool Books logo on
the back cover of the three Superkicks books

This Superkicks book series was one of the exciting projects I developed with my two young sons through our Super Cool Books imprint. We came to an arrangement to partner with Benedict Boo as a sales representative and organiser of school events to promote this series. To help give him some credibility and motivation, we agreed to list him on the cover as a co-author.

Following certain recent developments, we are now required to formally clarify his role in this series.

Benedict Boo has never been involved in the actual writing or development of the three Superkicks stories. His role is to conduct sales and promotional talks to sell the books. He has never been involved in the writing or creative development of any Super Cool Books titles.

His status as a "co-author" is in order to facilitate promotional operations related to selling the Superkicks books.
For the time being Super Cool Books will be pausing all promotional efforts in support of the Superkicks series, until we can resolve certain administrative issues. This is only temporary, we hope to resume support as soon as possible.
If you are a marketing or retail partner that might be affected by this, or if you have any related queries, please feel free to reach out to us at: We will do our very best to assist with your situation.

I sincerely thank everyone for your kind support for this series, I look forward to sharing more exciting adventures set in the Superkicks storyworld in the years ahead.

I've also started a new series of posts on this website titled Superkicks: The Secret Journals, to share what really happened behind the scenes during our publishing journey. You can follow these posts here.
What we can imagine, we can create!

— Don Bosco
Author and publisher
Super Cool Books

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