Thursday, July 28, 2022

LAST KID RUNNING _____ My latest interview is up on Fungamery, go check it out

Delighted to share this interview that I did recently for the Fungamery website. Fungamery is a US-based platform for creating and sharing your own puzzles, interactive adventures, virtual escape rooms and more.

Interview excerpt: 
I also worked on a documentary about a parkour group from London, we brought them to various famous landmarks around Singapore and filmed them executing daring stunts and running sequences there. Through this I got to learn quite a bit about the parkour culture, its history, and why some enthusiasts believe that it could be the most intelligent urban sport form to have emerged. In my series, this was the inspiration for why Dr Yamato wanted to create the Last Kid Running competition, to get kids excited about running, and possibly running on other planets one day.

Read my full interview here.

More information about my Last Kid Running series at this link here, including an exciting unboxing video shared by my publisher Penguin Random House.

Also, you can check out my earlier interview with Daniel Gordon, the creative guy behind Fungamery, I featured him in one of our Gamebook Academy blog posts.

Take care, happy reading, remember to explore your imagination every day, if you don't use it you'll start to lose it.

— Don 

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