Friday, October 28, 2022

KIDLIT SG _____ Local authors, join our NEW BOOKS SHOWCASE for 2022, submit your wonderful new release and let's tell the world about it

One thing I really enjoy about running this blog is the chance to connect with people who also create cool books for kids.

I've featured fellow authors quite often, like this Great Kidlit Showcase in 2019, with 52 (phew!) local children's book creators. And this more recent showcase, highlighting a few fellow authors who are also published by Penguin Random House. And also my Gamebook Academy section, interviewing writers who develop interactive fiction for kids.

For this year's showcase, I've decided to focus on authors with books released in 2022. (November and December release dates are also okay, if you already have a book cover photo to share.) So if you're an author in Singapore, from Singapore, or published in Singapore, do read on for instructions on how to submit your new title. Let's put together a really diverse selection of books, whether it's non-fiction or fiction, from board books all the way up to young adult. 
What inspired this? Well, it's always an awesome experience to celebrate new kidlit books from Singapore. Plus, I have a new book out this year myself. It's called The Supergame, and it's Book 3 of my Last Kid Running interactive fiction series, published by Penguin Random House. 

This is a role-playing adventure story where the reader gets to make lots of decisions along the way, to try and win a really thrilling virtual reality game. More information here.

But back to the upcoming showcase: here's what you can do to be a part of this:

— Write a short introduction (max 150 words) telling us about yourself, your new book, what inspired you, your creative process, etc. (If it's longer, I'll use the first 150 words.) Do remember to check for spelling, grammar, etc.
— Send me an author photo with your face and your book cover clearly visible. You could also superimpose the book cover somewhere on your photo. Note: please send only one photo, not two.

— Add a list of your links so readers can find out more about you: your website, social media links, publisher's page, etc. If you have more information or photos to share, do put these up quickly on your own website or Instagram.

— Email your text and photo to, with the subject line: [SHOWCASE 2022] Submission from your name here. This will ensure that your email gets filtered to the correct folder. Please don't send a Word document, or a link to a Google Doc, or anything like that.

IMPORTANT: Do send this to me by 17 November 2022.

I'm really looking forward to unveiling this New Books Showcase for our blog readers, who are mostly parents, teachers and fellow kidlit creators. It'll be a great resource as they plan their year-end shopping.
So get going already, hope to hear from you soon!


 — Don

UPDATE — You can read about the authors and their new books here.

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