Friday, November 11, 2022

KIDLIT SG NEW BOOKS 2022 _____ Presenting FIGURING LIFE OUT by Lyn Kang, a series to help kids feel more confident and connected

NOTE: This post is part of my blog series to celebrate SG kidlit titles released in 2022. More info about this showcase here. All the featured books and authors can be found here.

I was delighted when my friend (and now my editor) Melanie asked if I would like to take on a project to author 3 out of 5 children’s chapter books, as part of a series that helps children better understand and appreciate themselves while developing positive relationships with others. I said yes, and the rest is history! “Figuring Life Out” is my debut children’s book series, and I really enjoyed the process (though it involved a lot of hard work), as well as learning so much more about the book publishing industry.

I hope these books with resonate with many kids, help them to feel represented amidst the wide swathe of children’s literature in the world, and encourage them to keep a look out for one another.

This series will be out in bookstores by end-November 2022!


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