Friday, November 18, 2022

KIDLIT SG NEW BOOKS 2022 _____ Presenting SING A SONG OF HAWKER FOOD: HUMPTY DUMPTY & FRIENDS HAVE A SINGAPORE HAWKER FEAST by Lianne Ong, featuring nursery rhymes about local hawker food plus AR videos of her and her two co-creators singing these rhymes

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Hi! My name is Lianne and I am a kidlit author. Sing A Song of Hawker Food: Humpty Dumpty & Friends Have a Singapore Hawker Feast is my 16th book.

This is not my first book about Singapore hawker food. I wrote Timmy & Tammy Discover: Singapore Hawker Food some years ago but that was a non-fiction book. I wanted to write a fictional book about hawker food, and I thought a collision of worlds between familiar nursery rhyme characters and our hawker favourites would be funny! Humpty Dumpty eating kaya toast seemed like a good idea, and I hope you think so too.

This is the first time I have written, acted and sung for a book - get the book and you'll see what I mean! Every rhyme links to a video where you will see co-author Janice Khoo, illustrator Chao and I performing the rhyme.

Where to buy: (Also available on World Scientific's Lazada shop)
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