Sunday, November 20, 2022

KIDLIT SG NEW BOOKS 2022 _____ Presenting JUNGLEGIRL MIA by Karien van Ditzhuijzen, about a girl's thoroughly immersive jungle adventure

NOTE: This post is part of my blog series to celebrate SG kidlit titles released in 2022. More info about this showcase here. All the featured books and authors can be found here


The first day in my new house in Singapore I found a macaque in my kitchen stealing my bananas! Living next to a nature reserve and seeing all the animals that wandered into our garden inspired me to write the book JungleGirl Mia. With her neighbour Kalim, Mia embarks on many animal adventures to impress her former BFF Alice and their @junglegirl followers, until they get lost in the jungle overnight and learn some tough lessons about themselves.  

These days children (including my own..) spend a lot of time glued to their screens, and I wrote this book to show kids that nature is neither #dirty nor #boring, but in fact a lot of fun. Many amazing creatures share our ‘city in a garden.’ JungleGirl Mia proves that no matter how entertaining social media can be, nothing can ever beat the adventures we have in real life.

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