Friday, November 11, 2022

KIDLIT SG NEW BOOKS 2022 _____ Presenting AMAZING ASH AND SUPERHERO AH MA: COMING OF AGE (BOOK #2) by Melanie Lee, an action-packed graphic novel inspired by a bit of K-drama

NOTE: This post is part of my blog series to celebrate SG kidlit titles released in 2022. More info about this showcase here. All the featured books and authors can be found here.


Hi! I’m Melanie, and I’m a writer and educator. I launched “Amazing Ash and Superhero Ah Ma: Coming of Age (Book #2)” this year. This is the second book of the Amazing Ash and Superhero Ah Ma graphic novel series, which revolves around a girl and her grandmother with superpowers. The complication here is that Ah Ma has dementia, which sometimes leads to rather challenging situations. The story is quite action-packed and my inspiration for this came from watching this K-drama called Vincenzo. I created this book together with illustrator Arif Rafhan and colourist Jocelyn Wijaya, as well as the team from Difference Engine.

IG: @melanderings

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