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SUPER COOL BOOKS is a publishing studio in Singapore that produces thrilling fiction for young readers. The stories are mostly inspired by Asian legends and pop culture, with a mix of mystery, thriller, science fiction, adventure, mythology and humour elements. Readers young and old love these books because they make the world around us seem fun, friendly and full of good things to discover. To satisfy even the most reluctant readers, the plots are fast-paced and packed with amusing surprises.

Super Cool Books is also home to the 100 WRITERS story writing support group, which is co-hosted by StoryCode Singapore.

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DON BOSCO started Super Cool Books in 2011, at first to publish original stories with his two young sons, and later to produce kidlit fiction books in collaboration with various publishing partners.

In 2015, his Sherlock Hong series was acquired by Marshall Cavendish for international release. At the Popular Readers' Choice Awards 2015, his Lion City Adventures book was awarded Best Book in the English (Children) Category and also Best Book Cover, English (Children) Category.

He knows that children love stories which are fresh and amusing, with clever twists along the way — that's the magic formula. His approach to writing stories is all about encouraging enthusiasm, being entertaining, and helping children feel that inside every book is a great reading experience they will remember for years and years to come. If you can accomplish this, he believes, the rest will take care of itself.

He is a passionate advocate of digital publishing technology, and has been a featured speaker at writing festivals and media conferences. He actively encourages parents to read and discuss books with their children at home. He is a local co-organiser for StoryCode Singapore, and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. On social media, he sometimes posts as #KidLitDaddy.

Here's a fun and intimate introduction to Don Bosco's recent activities.