SUPER COOL BOOKS is a publishing studio based in Singapore. It specialises in original story entertainment inspired by Asian legends and pop culture.

DON BOSCO is an award-winning writer and publisher of thrilling fiction for teens and children. His stories are inspired by Asian legends and pop culture. He started the publishing studio Super Cool Books in 2011. In 2015, his Sherlock Hong series was acquired by Marshall Cavendish for international release. At the Popular Readers' Choice Awards 2015, his Lion City Adventures series was awarded Best Book in the English (Children) Category and also Best Book Cover, English (Children) Category. He is a local co-organiser for StoryCode Singapore, which promotes transmedia storytelling across different media formats. He maintains an influential blog, and also runs 100 WRITERS, a publishing incubator. He has also been a featured speaker at writing festivals and media content conferences.


1. Don Bosco writes stories for children and teens. Grown-ups do read and enjoy them too. The stories may or may not be mashups of mystery, thriller, science fiction, adventure, fantasy and humour elements.

2. He lives in Singapore but he doesn't seem to spend much time there, he's more like a citizen of the internet.

3. Yes, he wrote a book for middle-grade readers titled “Ghostly”, and no, it is not actually a ghost story.

4. He started Super Cool Books in 2011, after his two sons challenged him to write a fantasy series for children, set in Singapore and Malaysia. That eventually grew into the Time Talisman series, which was first published with Select Books’ Autumn Wonders imprint. It's now available on the Super Cool Books iPad app.

5. Most of his stories are inspired by Asian legends and myths, or Asian pop culture like manga, and feature a very diverse cast of characters. Some exceptions are Thor the Greatest, about how the young Norse god found the courage to confront the Frost Giants after they broke into his father's hall and stole the legendary hammer Mjölnir, and the Erika Lind series, about a girl who drops out of military school in an unnamed Scandinavian country in order to investigate the murder of the priest who ran the orphanage where she grew up. Maybe Don Bosco spends too much time at Ikea.

6. In his experience, writing and publishing is a lot more fun when he just makes up stuff to entertain himself, and not waste time thinking about what's proper or sensible or marketable.

7. He used to play in indie rock bands and write for music fanzines. Also, when the DC hardcore punk band Fugazi played in Singapore, their first time in 1993, Don's friend was the organiser and Don got to be sort of a mosh pit bouncer at the event. At that time, slam dancing and crowd surfing were banned in Singapore. This happened as a result of the Henry Rollins gig in 1992. So if anyone had started slam dancing, Fugazi and the organiser might have been arrested. 

8. And if we go even further back, when Don was much younger he read lots of Marvel comics, Enid Blyton and Tintin. 

9. People have asked if Super Cool Books is making lots of money, but actually Don is just relieved that so far he hasn't gone broke doing this. He is quite hopeless when it comes to real-world issues like being ambitious and growing market share and things like that.

10. If you've read this far down the list, you deserve a special bonus factoid! So here it is. In his profile photographs, Don often tries to sneer like Billy Idol, but instead it comes out more like some awkward half-hearted grimace. The photo above captures this. Sort of. Which, trust us, still looks more interesting than his normal face. Now you know.


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