We're now hosting the BukuGuru project here.
It was first launched at BukuGuru.com, and then along the way we realised that it didn't need its own domain.
The entire starter kit is here, for creating your own DIY Book Club.
Have fun with this, and let us know if you have any requests for free worksheets or activity guides!


BukuGuru is a not-for-profit project. We help start book clubs and creative writing circles around Asia.

Our materials are designed to help reluctant readers, those learning English as a second language, and those with limited access to English learning resources.

BukuGuru was started by Singapore author Don Bosco (SuperCoolBooks.com) together with various partners who are also reading advocates.

Our current education kit contains { Foldable Fantasy } minibooks and worksheets designed by Super Cool Books.

If you're a teacher, parent, community leader, translator, social entrepreneur or student and you'd like to use our free resources to encourage reading, we'd love to hear from you!



01 Overview-How to use (PDF, 2.3MB) 
02 How to Create Minibooks (PDF, 8.7MB)  

Ghostly: Zoe and her friends investigate some spooky happenings in their school.
03 Ghostly 1 Printable (PDF, 5.1MB) 
04 Ghostly 2 Printable (PDF, 4.3MB) 

My Blade Quest: Jay and his sister Shu have to find the Blade of the Southern Phoenix, or lose everything that their parents left them.
05 My Blade Quest Printable (PDF, 5MB)

Halo Island: Ben seeks just a little excitement but finds himself drawn into an underwater world of mystery and magic.
06 Halo Island Printable (PDF, 500KB) 

 Monkey Charm: Marcus goes to Shanghai to take part in a dance competition. But he suddenly turns into a monkey! Inspired by the Chinese classic, Journey to the West.
07 Monkey Charm Printable (PDF, 350KB) 

03w Ghostly 1 Worksheet (PDF, 130KB)
04w Ghostly 2 Worksheet (PDF, 130KB)
05w My Blade Quest Worksheet (PDF, 140KB)
06w Halo Island Worksheet (PDF, 140KB)
07w Monkey Charm Worksheet (PDF, 140KB)

08 Leader of the Readers Card (PDF, 860KB) 
A cool card that students can personalise and use as a bookmark.

 09 Book Club Posters (PDF, 450KB) 
Print, colour and display these around your reading area.

10 Learning Guide (PDF, 200KB) 
Discussion questions, project ideas, book review template, and more.

11 Story Boxes Guide (PDF, 310KB) 
12 Story Boxes Worksheet (PDF, 220KB) 
A simple outline for writing your own fantasy stories.

Please send an email to: workshops@SuperCoolBooks.com

::::: FOR MOBILE PHONES If you have a mobile phone (yes, this includes basic Nokia models), you can also get our stories and study activities through the Worldreader Book App.

The Worldreader Book App is a free download that runs on any basic phone, and turns it into a simple reading device. It is designed to distribute free digital books to kids in developing countries.

Like to give it a try? Instructions: Download the App here, select the Worldreader Books icon, select "Browse Books", select "By Region", select "Asia", select "Singapore". You'll see our titles!


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