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CLICK HERE for the complete instructions and worksheets for making up your own CAPTAIN CARDBOARD vs BRUCE BOH comic strip! We conducted this workshop with StoryCode Singapore. Read more about it here.


This CATS ARE COOL learning kit was inspired by our GHOSTLY series. 

You can check out some sample pages below, and read more about the learning kit here.


Family Time
A simple tip sheet with ideas for parents and kids to bond over books.
You can save the image above on your mobile phone, or download the PDF version here.
Read my blog post about this.

Fun Story Boxes

Would you like to write your own fantasy story?

Here's a simple worksheet to get you started.

First, read my post at the SingaporeMotherhood.com site.

Then, download your free worksheet and instructions here.

Have fun!  :-)

Writer's Quest 

Here's another article I wrote for the SingaporeMotherhood.com website.

It'll teach you to design a Writer's Quest for yourself!

There's also a cool worksheet you can use.

Text & Magic

This is my column at the Budding Writers League website. If you want to write your own fantasy stories, you'll find lots of helpful tips here.

#1 . Secret of the Thrilling Tale | Download PDF
#2 . The Art of the 3-Part Start | Download PDF
#3 . Fantastic Fiction at Your Fingertips | Download PDF
#4 . Hook Power | Download PDF

BONUS: Looking for cool ideas for your own fantasy series? Check out this article I published on Medium: How to add magic to your fiction Three ways to give your fantasy stories a fresh kick


Sherlock Hong Series: Learning Guide

Download Book 1: The Case of the Immortal Nightingale. (PDF, approx 1.5 MB)

Download the Learning Guide. (PDF, approx 100 KB)

Skills Covered: Reading Comprehension, Literary Analysis, Summary Writing, Characterisation, Research Skills, Expository Writing, Narrative Writing, Creative Writing, Presentation Skills, Social Studies

This Learning Guide is also available at the Back To School (Singapore) website, which hosts a crowd-sourced collection of lesson plans.